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Carbohydrates are complex chemical compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen (CH2O). Carbo-hydrates are the key source of energy (fuel) in the human body. Carbs contribute 4 kilocalories (kcal) per gram by weight. Carbs can be converted in the body into either glucose (desirable) or fat (undesirable).

Your body requires carbohydrates to burn fat. You typically store about 200 grams of carbohydrates in the muscles and another 90 grams in the liver. Your liver stores are used as fuel for the brain and typically remain untouched during times of muscular distress.

Carbohydrates are generally categorized as simple or complex and are more specifically classified as monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, or polysaccharides.

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Nature's Best Perfect Carb-Up
Nature's Best Perfect Carb-Up 3Lbs
Our Price: $16.50

A concentrated formula of high-quality complex carbohydrates, it provides the body with the energy/calories needed to sustain workouts.
Our Price: $16.95

DGC (Dextrorotatory Glucose Crystals) is a unique glucose crystal that supplies an unmatched fuel source for fast and efficient muscle energy. DGC requires no digestion prior to absorption into the bloodstream. This means an ultra-fast fuel supply for supporting quick and sustained muscle energy requirements and mental function.
MegaPRO Carbo Hit
MegaPRO Carbo Hit 3 Lbs
Our Price: $18.95

Hit is a revolutionary, multi-purpose powder consisting of 100% pure complex carbohydrates derived from only the highest-quality, long-grain sources available.
CytoSport Cytomax
CytoSport Cytomax
Our Price: $21.50

Cytomax is the world's most scientifically advanced complex carbohydrate, electrolyte performance energy drink. Ensures proper hydration, steady energy and reduced fatigue during exercise.

Champion Nutrition Revenge Sport
Champion Nutrition Revenge Sport
Our Price: $21.95

A refreshingly cool and great tasting high-energy Re-hydrating carb drink. Replenish glycogen stores and electrolytes anytime of the day or evening. Low-glycemic. All-natural. Contains no stimulants.
Carb-Boom Pro-Boom Recovery Gel
Carb-Boom Pro-Boom Recovery Gel 12/Pack
Our Price: $23.88

Pro-BOOM! is designed to be consumed immediately after exercise, during the critical window of time when the body is thirsting for nutrients to replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscles.
Clif Bar Clif Shot
Clif Bar Clif Shot 24/box
Our Price: $30.00

Energy for endurance athletes
Within five to ten minutes, SHOT's carbohydrates (simple & complex) and electrolytes are assimilated into your body, working to sustain your overall endurance and coordination.

EAS Endurathon
EAS Endurathon
Our Price: $34.95

Created by EAS scientists who are passionate about the pursuit of peak performance, Endurathon will help take your endurance performance to the next level.
Carb-Boom Energy Gel
Carb-Boom Energy Gel 24/Pack
Our Price: $35.76

Carb-BOOM! is a great tasting energy gel made from super concentrated complex carbohydrates and flavored with real fruit. Carb-BOOM! is a perfect sports nutritional supplement to increase and maintain energy levels before, during and after exercise.

Champion Nutrition Metabolol Endurance
Champion Nutrition Metabolol Endurance
Our Price: $36.95

This complex meal supplement addresses the metabolic needs specific to endurance athletes. It contains a unique blend of fast and slow burning carbs for fuel, enough high-quality protein for tissue repair, arginine-aspartate to help improve power output and increase VO2 max, enzymatic co-factors and a wide array of nutrients essential to help keep you healthy under extreme training conditions. This is the ideal workout food for hard core "endurance athletes"!
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